Token utilities


IRSA is the game currency that players use to purchase assets and land in the game.


Token holders could participate in staking and earn rewards as a certain percentage of platform revenues will be given out as staking rewards. For instance, the gaming platform would have revenues from plot sales, asset sales, transaction fees etc. and that a fixed proportion would be distributed to the staking pool. NFT:s will also have DeFi features such as collateralization and buybacks (as described in this document)


Owning IRSA enables a player to participate in the governance process through a decentralized organisation, with proposals and voting structures. There are issues related to the platform operations and development that could be decided based on the preference of the token holders. In order to encourage users to participate in the voting process, there will also be rewards for voters.

Play to earn

There are a proportion of the tokens reserved for user incentives. By completing quests in the game, players could earn IRSA tokens. This design is to encourage user participation in the game and to maintain traction.

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