Irsa Open World

In this game, players can buy virtual maps from Irsa or in the market. There are few plots in the world and each plot is represented by NFT tokens. After purchasing the plot, players can decorate it with various in-game items such as educational tools, houses, lakes, decorations, animals, plants and other items that can be purchased.

Irsa Open World consists of six key locations:

ice Land

The Ice Land, located on the northwestern edge of the Irsa World, is an Ice Wonderland full of ice sculptures of mysterious origin. Fairy magic is found around the place.

Medieval Plains

Medieval plains are anchored in antiquity with a landscape full of sparse vegetation and stonework. Great place for engaging ideas

Large forests

Dense forests are rich in lush vegetation. Bright lights fall from the trees and create a beautiful atmosphere. Nature has expanded the world and is full of useful teachings.

beautiful city

The small but bustling town of Irsa is full of shops and the center of many gaming events. This city is located in the middle of Irsa world. This is a place where players can meet and interact, buy and sell items and have fun together.

Sandy beach

This sandy beach is mostly composed of sand and includes several beaches and habitats. This is an obvious destination for any beach lover. You love living on the beach, so this is the place for you!

Underwater world

The rich waters of Irsa's world are chased by pirates, looking for treasures and secrets under the waves - or hunting people who are brave enough to try to get there first!

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