Game currency, The IRSA token

The IRSA token is the main currency in the game and is also reflected as a BEP-20 token. Allows token holders to play, invest, and be part of the game. There is a fixed source of IRSA tokens.

There are several useful tools for tokens:

  1. In-game currency: IRSA can be used in it Asset buying market as well as special in-game skill set (eg buying and selling knowledge through training)

  2. User-designed revenue models: For land and assets in the game, landlords can design rents and visitors. Cost features For example, users can charge players who want to provide training.

  3. Special Game Content (DLC): Special missions and features (store opening) are only available to IRSA holders who have tokens for a fixed period of time.

  4. Social feature: Send IRSA tokens in chat with friends and neighbors. Provide assets to visitors; NFT Asset Exchange;

  5. Game to earn money: Experience points are awarded for completed missions to encourage players to participate in the game and maintain traction. They can be exchanged for in-game assets.

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