Creative inspiration

Here is what the creative designer mentions as inspiration for the game itself, gameplay and art.

GTA (Game)

This game is played in the open world and the user can do everything in this world and walk freely anywhere in this world.

SimCity (Game)

In this game, each person builds his own life, lives, grows up, starts a business, gets rich, etc.

Animal Crossing (Game)

The game takes inspiration from animal crossing island ownership. The ability to socialize with friends and express creative freedom. Also daily tasks and activities such as fishing and farming.

Minecraft (Game)

Inspiration from building mechanics, farming and other activities within the game.

Stardew Valley (Medium)

The freedom of choice, and open-ended gameplay, where the player chooses what they want to do. Optional side quests.

Pettson och Findus (Game & Television)

The playful art and music from Pettson and Findus, as well as some of the “mini-games” presented in the game. Pettson and Findus is a series of children's books written and illustrated by Swedish author Sven Nordqvist, portraying a countryside. The books have worldwide book sales of over 15 million and have been translated into 55 languages.

Townscraper by Oskar Stålberg (Medium)

The technicalities of procedural island building and the minimalistic graphical style.

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