In principle, every IRSA token holder can become a member of the Decentralised Organization and get the right to vote on proposals. At the same time, we understand that a certain number of players will be primarily interested in gaming and enjoying the “Irsa world”. We respect their decision, so membership in the Community Council will be optional.

Community Council principles

Designed as a consumer cooperative and a platform cooperative, the organization follows the universal principles:

● Voluntary membership, i.e. membership in Community Council is optional and fully depends on a player

● Democratic member control, i.e. Community Council has adopted liquid democracy as a model of participation

● Autonomy and independence, i.e. Community Council is expected to overtake the majority of in-game decision-making powers and stay free from third-party interference and control

● Education and information, i.e. one of our key goals in game is to educate our players on political and economic models that were inspired by a real world

● Community cooperation, i.e. many activities in game require a mutual effort, cooperation and communication which makes the bonds between players even stronger

More information on the Community Council will be available soon.

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