Game Overview

Welcome to the world of Irsa - a land in paradise. It is a place where humans, birds, animals, insects have a common space, make friends and work together. Anyone can join the neighborhood and enjoy themselves by buying a piece of land and doing various activities such as useful life training and various activities such as fishing, insect fishing and beekeeping, etc. Each person shares their lands with their friends, and by interacting with neighbors and helping each other with their daily tasks and activities, they can earn rewards and exchange in-game items that can be used in their own fields. After preparing a plot of land, players can design and decorate their property to make it as unique and special as they want. To do this, users can experiment with scenery, use in-game assets such as NFT: s, which are available in the form of vegetation, furniture, buildings or animals, perform daily activities, and participate in competitions and missions. Participate to win more prizes.

Irsa Game is the first attempt to create a really general application to learn a dreamy and great life with an exciting design that firstly attracts ordinary players, secondly, Chinese blockchain enthusiasts and DeFi people.

This is a game with a great lightweight and intuitive user interface with various features for exploring and enlarging the mind.

At Irsa Game, only you decide how much you want to contribute to the decentralized features of the game and DeFi.

In addition, we designed the game to bring it to life forever with a narrative that never gets boring.

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