BigchainDB is a high performance database with blockchain characteristics.

Overview of our current our technology


One strong point that completely stood out from the NFT games at that time was the development of a separate sidechain to save gas fees for players. This is the advantage that players are extremely impressed with for Irsa Game. Most of the games on the market at that time had the disadvantage of a very high gas fee when the price of BNB increased sharply, sometimes Gas fee accounts for 10-20%, 30% of their in-game income. This is why players are no longer interested and leave the game.

We use BigchainDB to ensure all events and transactions in Irsa Game are transparent. BigchainDB is a blockchain database offering decentralization, immutability, and native assets. BigchainDB allows for the deployment of large-scale applications in a variety of use cases and industries from intellectual property and identity to supply-chain, and Internet-of-Things. In addition, Bigchain DB is also used by many other parties such as Toyota, Microsoft, Polkadot...

We use BigchainDB to ensure all events and transactions in Irsa Game are transparent.

Why did we choose BigchainDB to establish all game logic instead of traditional blockchain?

  • No Transaction Fees: All players' transactions will be done without any blockchain transaction fees. This saves our players money.

  • High Performance: All transactions can be done instantly without waiting time like blockchain systems.

  • Queryable: That friendly with our developers.

  • All Blockchain Characteristics: Decentralization & Immutability that make our players data is safe and transparent on BigchainDB. No one can change the data after it is initialized on BigchainDB.

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